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Adore Me Review

If you’ve never heard of Adore Me, you are missing out on some fantastic things! They carry sizes small-4X in swimwear, lingerie, bras, panties, activewear, loungewear/sleepwear, and now beauty too! They do have a subscription VIP option where you get something every month, usually for a discounted rate, but it’s not a requirement. You can always choose the pay-as-you-go option and purchase pieces whenever you’d like. If you sign up for their emails, they notify you of sales quite often!

To date I’ve tried their bras, underwear, sleepwear, and activewear and have yet to be disappointed. The quality is great and once you know your proper size, the fit is usually perfect as well. I will say that you should consult their size chart before ordering because I do have to size up in their pants and underwear. The bras have been true to size in my experience though. They even have nursing bras! 

I will include a few pictures from my current order from Adore Me. They did send me these pieces for advertisement purposes but the opinions are my own and this is not a sponsored post. I’ll link all the items I received below as well as my video reviewing each piece in case you’re interested!

Explore Adore Me Here

Watch My Video Review

Nolie Unlined Plus: Click Here

Akhila Contour Plus: Click Here

Weylyn Plus: Click Here

Payton Plus: Click Here

Addeline Plus: Click Here

Sabina Contour Plus: Click Here


A Piece Named for Me!

If you’ve Been following me for some time, you already know that Society+ had a contest I entered back in January. It was their New Year, New Motto contest and I was one of the winners. My prize was to have one of their summer collection pieces named after me. I’ve been anxiously awaiting what the piece would be, what it would look like, and if I’d like it. 

They announced it a few days ago and I’m in love! It’s this gorgeous crane print kimono. I’ve just started getting into the kimono trend and was actually looking for some new ones this past week. So naturally, I ordered it the day after I saw it! I can’t wait to get it and I’ll definitely show it off to you guys! Society+ is a great brand so I have full confidence that it will be made beautifully and fit me well!

Check it out here!

Wrap It Up

Nothing is more comfortable than an easy wrap dress. Also if you have a pear or hourglass shape, it gives you a nice shape. The dress was $15 at Forever 21. I loved the color and the fabric is light and soft, perfect for a summer day. The bottom of the dress allows for movement in the breeze and gives it a flirty feel. The cropped leggings were $20 from Torrid on sale. The sunglasses are from WalMart and I paid $2.50. Yes, $2.50 and I love them.