Pink Blush Maternity

This is my last plus size maternity clothing blog post, considering I have already given birth to my son (there will be future posts regarding that). I took these pictures prior to giving birth but the last month has been so crazy that I didn’t get a chance to post this. I apologize for that, but if you’ve ever been in your last weeks of pregnancy and the first few weeks of taking care of a newborn, I’m sure you can understand.

Pink Blush carries straight sizes, plus sizes, straight size maternity, and plus size maternity. I’d say I’m sometimes on the higher end of a 3X, most definitely when it comes to dresses, and their size 3X fits me perfectly. They have great functional and trendy pieces regardless of your size.

This first dress is perfect for the winter weather. You could add a scarf, leggings or tights, and booties for a cute cool weather look. The floral is more of a fall/winter pattern because of the pretty burgundy background. It’s actually one of my favorite colors to wear right now. I did switch out the belt for one of my own because the belt that came with the dress was a little snug on me. But both belts are very similar in color. The fabric is soft and comfy. This dress would be a great staple in anyone’s closet!

I’ve already worn this hoodie a bunch of times because I love it so much! You can easily pair or with leggings or jeans for a casual look. The lace detail on top gives it a little interest while still allowing you the comfort of a hoodie. The length of this is really nice, even for post-pregnancy when you’re not back to your pre-pregnancy body. I love the blue color. I’d highly recommend this piece!

The last item is this long cardigan with sequin elbow patches. I’m a huge fan of adding some sparkle to an outfit. This is an unexpected way to throw some shine into your look. This cardigan gives serious winter comfort vibes while still being chic. This sweater is so comfortable and can be worn over a dress or with leggings/jeans and a tank top. Obviously, open front cardigans aren’t specific to maternity wear. So this is something you can wear pregnant or not. I really liked buying pieces while pregnant that I’d still be able to wear afterwards.

Get the Floral Dress Here!

Lace Hoodie

Sequin Elbow Cardigan

See My YouTube Pink Blush Haul Here!


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