Super Affordable Maternity Clothes!

I’ve been working so hard to find more affordable plus size maternity brands to review! It’s tough out there because if something is available in plus sizes, the clothes end up being super expensive, and if they’re affordable then the brand only goes up to a size Large. It has been a struggle for me because there are so few brands making plus size maternity clothing! If I was a fashion designer, I’d probably start with Plus Size Maternity because there’s a demand for it and very little available.

Luckily, I was able to collaborate with a great affordable brand, Great Expectations Maternity. Their line is available at WalMart, making it super accessible to the masses! The three tops they sent to me are only $15 each, making it probably the most affordable maternity brand I’ve come across! Their clothes go from a size small to a 2XL. While I wish they went up to larger sizes like 3XL or 4XL, their 2XL did fit me well. So I’d say they are pretty true to size since I was wearing 2X shirts prior to being pregnant.

I got the same style shirt in gray and a blush pink color with a fun pattern. Both of these feature a small keyhole on the neckline and a little tassel tie detail. They are made with an empire waist, which is very flattering for a pregnant woman. These tops will be perfect for Fall and early Winter because of the long sleeves. The fabric is very soft and comfortable. 

The last shirt is going to be perfect for the Holiday season because of the bright red hue. The last detail on the shoulders is simple but gorgeous, making it more than just a plain boring shirt. There is some rouching along the sides, making sure there’s plenty of room for a pregnant belly. This is a great piece to wear for comfort while still looking stylish.

Red and Lace Top
Empire Waist Top (Gray and Pink)
Great Expectations Maternity Facebook Page


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