The Liebster Award

Hey everyone! Exciting news! I was nominated by Camilla Francis of Lavender Luva for the Liebster Award!

For those of you not in the blogging world, this award is given my fellow bloggers to help spread love and encouragement amongst the blogger community.

Part of my end of the bargain is that I will answer the following questions and then nominate a few bloggers and pass it on.
• Why did you start blogging?

I started blogging to share my love of fashion with other women like me- plus sized women who are on a budget but still want to look good. I know a lot of times it’s hard to find new brands what will fit properly so I wanted to aid in the process and help people discover new brands.

• What is your goal as a blogger?

My goal is to spread body positivity at any size and inspire women to push themselves out of their comfort zone to discover new silhouettes and styles.

• Is blogging your hobby or a job ?

It is currently a second, part-time job? Haha. I have a daytime full time job as a medical coder at a hospital. I blog in my free time.

• How do you promote your blog ?

Mostly on social media and through networking with other bloggers. 

• Do you make money off your blog ? If yes how do you do it ?

Not off my blog because of the restrictions of WordPress. But I do make money off my YouTube channel via AdSense.

• Have you ever won other blog awards ?

No, this is my first nomination for my blog.

• What is your advice for new and upcoming bloggers ?

Don’t overthink and don’t compare yourself to others. All of us had to start somewhere- with only what we had and with 0 followers. Every blog grows at its own pace.

• Do you blog on YouTube ? If yes,how many subscribers do you have ?

Yes, I’ve actually been uploading to YouTube more recently than to my blog. I have about 1,050 subscribers right now.

The bloggers I nominate are:

Kelsey Woggn- Bakersfield Beauty Blogger

Maya LaBoo- The Pink Caboodle

Nicole Vick- Style Vicksen

Galen Harris- Your Noir Diva

Brittney Mason- The Pretty Plus


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