Adore Me Review

If you’ve never heard of Adore Me, you are missing out on some fantastic things! They carry sizes small-4X in swimwear, lingerie, bras, panties, activewear, loungewear/sleepwear, and now beauty too! They do have a subscription VIP option where you get something every month, usually for a discounted rate, but it’s not a requirement. You can always choose the pay-as-you-go option and purchase pieces whenever you’d like. If you sign up for their emails, they notify you of sales quite often!

To date I’ve tried their bras, underwear, sleepwear, and activewear and have yet to be disappointed. The quality is great and once you know your proper size, the fit is usually perfect as well. I will say that you should consult their size chart before ordering because I do have to size up in their pants and underwear. The bras have been true to size in my experience though. They even have nursing bras! 

I will include a few pictures from my current order from Adore Me. They did send me these pieces for advertisement purposes but the opinions are my own and this is not a sponsored post. I’ll link all the items I received below as well as my video reviewing each piece in case you’re interested!

Explore Adore Me Here

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Maternity Giveaway with Mojo Maternity



Mojo Maternity is a UK based company that carries maternity clothes for sizes 18 to 30 (UK).  It was started by a woman named Gillian who had trouble finding maternity clothes to fit her when she was pregnant with her son.  She saw the need for a more diverse maternity line and created one, which I think is absolutely inspiring!

I am teaming up with Mojo Maternity to do a giveaway!  They are going to give a free pair of their maternity yoga pants to the winner!  Their yoga pants are their most popular item, so you know you’re getting a quality garment.  All you have to do to enter is:

  1. Click on the Rafflecopter link below and enter your information
  2. Subscribe to my YouTube channel
  3. There are also bonus entries for following me on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook but those are not mandatory

The giveaway begins today, Monday September 25, and ends at 12am EST on Saturday September 30.  This giveaway is International!  I will contact the winner to obtain your sizing/shipping info and announce the winner in the description box of the YouTube video announcing the giveaway.  Good luck!


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Visit Mojo Maternity Here!

End of Summer Swimsuit Review

Obviously, it is the end of the summer, which means a few things:

1. You may be able to pick up some swimsuits for SUPER cheap and keep them for next year

2. This review will be helpful if you’re going on vacation to a warmer climate over the next six months or so

3. This information may be something to keep in mind when shopping next summer!

I’m doing this review now because I was finally able to wear all of the suits I got this year. I live in PA, so unless I’m on vacation or am visiting a friend with a pool, there aren’t many occasions to wear a swimsuit. We will go from cheapest to most expensive.

This was actually the first one I purchased this past year. It is a great one piece from Rue 21. The cut out in the front and the strappy open back give it more interest than a plain one piece. I usually am uncomfortable showing so much of my back. But there’s something about how the back is made that made me feel very secure in it. The top straps are adjustable, which I love because I don’t have a large chest. There is a little bit of padding in the chest, but that is removable if that’s not your cup of tea. The pattern on top is so pretty and goes great with the burgundy bottom. This suit definitely draws the eye upward, making it great for a pear or apple shape. I believe this one was around $30 and it is in a size 3X.

I must have been into one pieces this year because I fell in love with this one from Torrid. I love the pattern on the top and the pop of color. My only complaint about the fit is that I had to size up to a size 4 because of how restrictive their swimsuits are, so the chest is a little large on me. It’s not super noticeable, but I wish the cups were a tad bit smaller. The straps on this one are adjustable and convertible. So if you want cross cross straps, a halter, or straight front and back straps, you can make that happen. I happened to catch this one during a swim sale back in April. I got it for around $65. I was willing to pay a little more for it because the quality is amazing and I know it will last for years.

This black and white retro suit is the only two piece I purchased this year. It is also from Torrid and I got this one on sale as well. I believe I paid about $75 for this one. That is normally way more than I’d invest in a swimsuit, but when I tried it on in store, I knew I had to buy it. I did buy it prior to knowing I was pregnant, so it doesn’t fit quite as well as it did in store, but I made it work. The top has a built in bra, which makes you feel very secure. It has the same adjustable and convertible straps the one piece has. Since it is two pieces, I got a size 3 in the top and a size 4 on the bottom. The chest on this fits me better because I was able to get a smaller top. The material is slightly textures and it has an adorable scallop detail. I really love this one!

The last swimsuit was not purchased by me. I won it via an Instagram giveaway from Becca Etc Swim. It’s so gorgeous. I believe this one was around $130, which is crazy to me! But it’s an amazing one piece swimsuit. The color is one of my favorites and the lace is delicate but durable. I’m sure if you bought a cheaper lace suit, it would probably fall apart rather quickly. Their website does have cheaper options though, so make sure you don’t overlook this brand. This was in a size 3X.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. I’ll link websites below and you can either see if they have any swim sales or tuck the info away for next year. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Rue 21
Becca Etc Swim

The Liebster Award

Hey everyone! Exciting news! I was nominated by Camilla Francis of Lavender Luva for the Liebster Award!

For those of you not in the blogging world, this award is given my fellow bloggers to help spread love and encouragement amongst the blogger community.

Part of my end of the bargain is that I will answer the following questions and then nominate a few bloggers and pass it on.
• Why did you start blogging?

I started blogging to share my love of fashion with other women like me- plus sized women who are on a budget but still want to look good. I know a lot of times it’s hard to find new brands what will fit properly so I wanted to aid in the process and help people discover new brands.

• What is your goal as a blogger?

My goal is to spread body positivity at any size and inspire women to push themselves out of their comfort zone to discover new silhouettes and styles.

• Is blogging your hobby or a job ?

It is currently a second, part-time job? Haha. I have a daytime full time job as a medical coder at a hospital. I blog in my free time.

• How do you promote your blog ?

Mostly on social media and through networking with other bloggers. 

• Do you make money off your blog ? If yes how do you do it ?

Not off my blog because of the restrictions of WordPress. But I do make money off my YouTube channel via AdSense.

• Have you ever won other blog awards ?

No, this is my first nomination for my blog.

• What is your advice for new and upcoming bloggers ?

Don’t overthink and don’t compare yourself to others. All of us had to start somewhere- with only what we had and with 0 followers. Every blog grows at its own pace.

• Do you blog on YouTube ? If yes,how many subscribers do you have ?

Yes, I’ve actually been uploading to YouTube more recently than to my blog. I have about 1,050 subscribers right now.

The bloggers I nominate are:

Kelsey Woggn- Bakersfield Beauty Blogger

Maya LaBoo- The Pink Caboodle

Nicole Vick- Style Vicksen

Galen Harris- Your Noir Diva

Brittney Mason- The Pretty Plus

Boardwalk Style

My husband, Stephen, and I are on vacation this week and I’ve been looking forward to it all summer! We tend to vacation in late August or September due to the cheaper rates and less crowds. I’m going to try to share as many new outfits with you as possible on this beach trip.

Tonight we took a trip to the boardwalk just to do some walking, which is good for my fellow pregnant ladies, to play mini golf, get some dinner, and then ice cream. This outfit was comfortable and stylish for an evening on the boardwalk. The Capri jeans and black sandals are both from Torrid. The black sandals were bought last year on clearance and still have a ton of wear left. The jeans are new. I bought them during a recent 50% off clearance sale. They’re more of a dark wash and have distressing in the thigh/knee area. I believe they are their skinny jean fit, which happens to fit my pregnant belly perfectly. Instead of a zipper, they have a four button closure, which in my opinion makes them more roomy and comfortable.

The shirt is from Forever 21. You may have seen it in a YouTube Inside the Dressing Room of mine from about a month or so ago. I’m in love with the mesh and Lace sleeves. It gives this otherwise casual shirt a little something extra. The rose graphic is a pretty blush color, which was perfect to pair with this clutch from Stitch Fix and my sunnies from Rue 21. Blush is still in style and I’m incorporating it more and more into my wardrobe. 

Forever 21 Shirt
Similar Torrid Jeans
Similar Torrid Sandals
Rue 21 Sunglasses