Cute T!

Boohoo has become one of my favorite places to shop online. The almost always have a 40-50% off sale. The clothes are about the same quality of Forever21, but their sizing seems to be more consistent. It’s a great place especially for cute dresses and comfy T-shirts. 

I never used to buy T-shirts because I didn’t think they could look good. I was 100% wrong. Boohoo’s T’s are always super soft and comfortable as well as being super adorable! I got this shirt for $8 and I’ve already worn it a bunch of times! Something to keep in mine is that they are a U.K. Based clothing brand so be sure to check the size chart before ordering.  I got this shirt in a US size 20/UK size 24.

I’ve gotten a ton of compliments on it! The lettering also survived the wash, which I know people get concerned about with cheaper clothes. I paired it with a pair of jean capris from Loralette and Nike flip flops. Overall this look is great for a relaxing comfy summer day.

Get the shirt here!


6 thoughts on “Cute T!”

  1. I have a “slay all day” shirt from boohoo, I LOVE how soft the material is, so over shirts that are that starchy stiff material, or that tight stretchy material!

    I haven’t been game to wash mine as yet as I had been concerned about the lettering! So glad to hear it’s pretty solid!

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  2. Thanks for sharing a plus size shop online! I am always looking for great priced clothes for my size. I am def gonna check them out. Nothing better than a great T especially when you have kids and are always bending over for one thing or another! I never like t’s much either before I became a mother, but now they are my go to shirts!

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