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A blogger group that I’m a part of on Facebook is having a great Instagram Giveaway! The prize is an outfit from Society+ and a $100 gift card to Sephora for a summer makeover! Please visit my Instagram and enter the giveaway to help support the ladies of our group! It ends tomorrow, Friday 6/30, so head over there ASAP!

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Pink Blush Review…PS. I’m Pregnant!

Hey everyone!  If you haven’t already seen my YouTube video or any of my social media, let me get you up to speed.  My husband and I were trying to conceive since October 2016 and it finally happened!  I found out in April that I was pregnant.  Right now I’m a little over 11 weeks pregnant.  If you’ve noticed that my posts have been very sporadic, that is why.  I’ve been dealing with a lot of nausea and exhaustion in the first trimester, which has made it very difficult to keep up with my blog and other social media.  But since I only have a few weeks left until my 2nd trimester, I am hoping I can get back on track.


What I love about being pregnant is getting the opportunity to explore a new side of the fashion world, plus size maternity clothes!  Thanks so much for Pink Blush for collaborating with me on this and sending me some maternity options to show you guys.  They carry non-maternity straight and plus sizes, as well as maternity straight and plus sizes.  So if you think one of these outfits is adorable, they may carry it in a size that will work for you!


The first look is a floral short dress.  It has 3/4 length sleeves and is probably one of the softest fabrics I have ever felt.  I will say across the board that everything I got from Pink Blush was so soft and comfortable, making it really easy to wear.  I love the mix of the lilac and deeper purple color in one look.  I did pair this was leggings and black sandals to make it work-appropriate.  It would also look great without leggings and a cute pair of wedges.  There is a lot of room with my baby bump to grow in this dress, so I could see myself wearing this dress throughout most of my pregnancy.


The second look is a navy maxi dress.  I love the versatility of this piece!  I could wear this easily throughout my entire pregnancy with just a statement necklace in the summer or throw on a jean jacket in the fall.  The navy color is perfect, in fact it’s one of my favorite colors.  The one thing you will need to watch out for is the length.  It touches the floor for me and I am about 5’7,” so if you are shorter than me, keep that in mind when ordering.  You may need to hem it or wait until you’re far along in pregnancy so that the hemline will be a little higher.  It is well made.  Although it’s a lighter material, it is not see through, which we all can appreciate!


The last item was a floral flowy shirt.  Flowy shirts are very on trend right now, so this will fit into my wardrobe perfectly.  I love how beautifully it hangs and I love the floral pattern.  It’s definitely a summer/spring pattern even though the background is black.  It would look great with a pair of cropped light wash jeans or with black leggings.  You can really dress this shirt up or down based on how you style it.  I think pieces like this that can be paired with a ton of different things are a huge staple for your wardrobe.

I hope you enjoyed my review of Pink Blush and think you should definitely check out their site!  Also, thanks so much for all the love and support since I’ve announced my pregnancy!  I appreciate it more than I can say!

Purple Floral Dress

Navy Maxi Dress

Floral Shirt