A New Plus Size Brand Part 2

Loralette may just have your perfect pair of jeans. I know you’re reading that and saying to yourself, “whoa there, that’s a bold statement,” but in all honesty, it’s true.

Loralette wanted me to try another outfit of theirs since they were featuring me on their style profile for the month of April and I am so happy with my outfit choice! I really wanted to try their jeans because I know that as a plus size woman, it’s difficult to find a good pair of jeans since there’s so many different cuts and sizing isn’t always consistent. But these jeans are absolutely perfect.

They are cropped, which I love for the spring and summer weather. They do have a slit at both knees and a tiny bit of distressing near the hips. I’ve never loved slits or distressing on jeans but on these, they work and don’t look too deliberate. They do have a lot of stretch, so I may have actually been able to size down, which is always nice. These jeans fit more high-waisted, which I love. They are a size 24, which is my normal pants/jean size. These particular jeans are more of a medium wash.  I typically wear darker wash jeans but I really do like the shade of these.

The shirt fits like a glove! Camo and patches are both totally on trend. I love the slightly rolled sleeve. It’s short sleeves, but not too short for my comfort. I got it in a size 3X.  The shirt is stretchy and it accentuates my curves and without being restrictive. The fabric is so soft and comfortable. I’m definitely going to be wearing this a ton!

Definitely check out Loralette’s website, especially my picks in my style profile! They have such cute stuff and are always having sales! Thanks Loralette for this opportunity to collab!

Get the Jeans Here!

Click Here for the Shirt!

See All of My Loralette Picks Here!


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