Give Them the Cold Shoulder

The cold shoulder trend has been off and on over the past few years, but this year it’s definitely sticking around for a bit. I haven’t been a big fan of this trend in the past, so I was reluctant to try on anything with a shoulder cut out. That all changed yesterday.

I’ve been in contact with my local Lebanon, PA Maurice’s via Instagram. When I mentioned that I was going to come into the store this weekend, they were nice enough to pull some looks for me before I got there. They were so sweet and helpful, so if you live in the area, it’s most definitely worth a trip out there! 

This shirt was one of the things they pulled for me. There’s definitely something to having an outsider’s perspective because I never would have put on this shirt otherwise. I’m so glad I gave it a shot because I absolutely love it! 

It screams spring with the boho vibe, delicate floral print, and light green hue. The shoulder cut outs are larger than what I’ve tried in the past, which may be why I liked it so much. It feels like I’m wearing a tank top, but I still have my arms covered. It’s perfect for the warmer weather. The bottom has a little bit of trim, which adds to the easy breezy feel of it. This is a 1X which I’m sure is due to the fact that it is flowy at the bottom. The neckline has an interesting quilted kind of detail that I don’t think I’ve seen before. Overall, I’m so glad I gave something different a chance because I love the way it looks on me.

I did shoot an inside the Dressing Room at Maurice’s as well so stay tuned for that. I wanted so many of the pieces I tried on! They are currently having a 25% off sale in store if you just try on any bottoms. It’s so easy to try on a pair of jeans just to get a discount! I paired the shirt with jeans from Curvy Sense and gray flats from WalMart. I hope this look inspires you to try something new!

Get the shirt here!


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