Valentine’s Day Style

I’m going to make this post short and sweet. Everyone wants to look good and feel special on Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re single and celebrating with some friends or you’re in a committed relationship going to dinner, this is one day that you want to look good.

I chose to wear this beautiful red dress from Torrid. I’m so in love with the shape and color. This dress actually was a tiny bit large on me, but I got it on Clearance for about $10! So I couldn’t say no! It has a great flowy skirt and a high neckline. It is made of a pointe material, so it is a little thicker which makes it perfect in the cold weather!

I paired it with black tights, booties, a black shrug, and a pretty necklace from JCPenney. Overall, the look is fun but classic. I wore this to work and received so many compliments! No matter what you’re doing today, I hope that you have some fun!

Get the dress here!
Inside the dressing room at Torrid!


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