Droppin’ Bomb…er Jackets

I apologize for the corny title, but if I can’t have some fun on my blog, where exactly can I have fun?! Bomber jackets are HUGE this year. They’re literally in any store you go in to and on everyone’s Instagram! The good thing about them is they add a chic element to any look but are also super comfortable!

This bomber jacket in particular is a little on the lighter side. So this will transition great into the spring weather too. This marled fabric is a big trend as well. You can see it used in sweaters, leggings, anything you can imagine. The jacket is from Rue 21 and it was only $5! I believe the regular price was $25, but I got it while they were doing a huge sale! It’s very comfortable and can be worn with a lot of different pieces in my closet. Unfortunately, I don’t see it available on their website but you may want to check your local store!

I paired the jacket with a basic red tank top from Old Navy. The tank was on sale for $7. I also wore one of my favorite pairs of skinny jeans from Burlington Coat Factory and my black booties from Shoe Department.

This look is great for just running errands or going to a laid back get-together. If you haven’t tried the bomber jacket look, I would highly recommend it!

Click here for Rue 21’s page!
Get the red tank here!

See everything I tried on at Rue 21


One thought on “Droppin’ Bomb…er Jackets”

  1. I don’t know when bomber jackets turned into these. Bomber jackets used to be heavy leather jackets that looked like the ones that, well, guys who flew planes that dropped bombs used to wear. These don’t resemble those in the least. I’m confused.


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