The Blanket Cardigan

I’ve seen a lot of variations of the blanket cardigan lately and thought it was about time I tried this trend myself. This cardigan is from Lovesick. I saw a similar one at Torrid but by the time I placed my order, they were sold out in my size. So when I saw that Lovesick had a similar one, I was pumped. 

Of course, I bought this on sale for only $13! I did decide to belt this because without it, the cardigan gave my body no shape whatsoever. I had this big black belt from a shirt I had bought a few years ago and it complimented it so perfectly. 

I paired the cardigan with a pair of skinny jeans from Burlington Coat Factory and my go-to booties from Shoe Department. I also featured my purse in one of these shots. It is a Coach purse, but it was a gift two years ago from my husband. I don’t advocate buying super expensive purses, but when it is a gift, I’m 100% ok with it! 

This look is so chic and will definitely keep you warm on a cold Winter day. It was my first time ordering from Lovesick and they did have some great deals. Lovesick is like the cheaper version of Torrid, in my opinion. I was pleased with my order from them and would recommend them to anyone who wants Torrid style without the price!

Get the cardigan here!
See everything I got from Lovesick!


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