My Motto for 2017

I’ve seen a lot of opinions on resolutions for the new year. Rather than a resolution, I decided to pick a motto for myself for 2017. It is “Be Bold.” As someone who is generally introverted and shy around new people or in new situations, I’ve decided to step out of my comfort zone! Whether it’s talking to someone new or wearing something I wouldn’t think I would be comfortable in, I’m going to try to incorporate my new motto in day to day life.

In keeping with this theme, I chose this tank top from Old Navy. It says “She Who Dares.” Not only is it an encouraging phrase, it fits so well. I love the shape and feel of it. It was on sale for $12 and is a size XXL. Unfortunately, I don’t see it available of their website even though I just bought it in-store a few days ago.

I paired the tank with this beautiful mauve-purple zip up hoodie. The fabric is so soft and comfy! I fell in love with it right away. It was on sale for $25. I normally wouldn’t spend that much on a hoodie but I just couldn’t say no. It is also a size XXL.

I encourage all of you to be daring in 2017 and not be afraid to take chances!

Get the hoodie in a slightly different color here!
Visit Old Navy here!


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