Patches Galore!

This is something popular when I was a child, and as trends tend to do, we have circled back around to them: patches. I’ve seen them on shirts, jackets, pants, you name it. Personally, I think just a dash of patches is cute. Too many, and I feel like you look like an arts and craft project gone wrong!

I got this sweater from Torrid. They were having a 50% off Clearance sale plus I had my $10 Birthday cash to use. Total for this sweater, I paid $11. It was such a great deal for a comfy cute sweater! I love the gray marled look of the sweater and it fits my perfectly. It does have a bit of a wide neckline, which is flattering on a lot of women. There are three patches and I think they add a really cute element to the look. 

I paired this with a black plain tank underneath for a more layered look, skinny jeans, and my black boots. Overall, this look would be perfect for a low key night out or just sitting around the house in front of a fire!

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Droppin’ Bomb…er Jackets

I apologize for the corny title, but if I can’t have some fun on my blog, where exactly can I have fun?! Bomber jackets are HUGE this year. They’re literally in any store you go in to and on everyone’s Instagram! The good thing about them is they add a chic element to any look but are also super comfortable!

This bomber jacket in particular is a little on the lighter side. So this will transition great into the spring weather too. This marled fabric is a big trend as well. You can see it used in sweaters, leggings, anything you can imagine. The jacket is from Rue 21 and it was only $5! I believe the regular price was $25, but I got it while they were doing a huge sale! It’s very comfortable and can be worn with a lot of different pieces in my closet. Unfortunately, I don’t see it available on their website but you may want to check your local store!

I paired the jacket with a basic red tank top from Old Navy. The tank was on sale for $7. I also wore one of my favorite pairs of skinny jeans from Burlington Coat Factory and my black booties from Shoe Department.

This look is great for just running errands or going to a laid back get-together. If you haven’t tried the bomber jacket look, I would highly recommend it!

Click here for Rue 21’s page!
Get the red tank here!

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The Blanket Cardigan

I’ve seen a lot of variations of the blanket cardigan lately and thought it was about time I tried this trend myself. This cardigan is from Lovesick. I saw a similar one at Torrid but by the time I placed my order, they were sold out in my size. So when I saw that Lovesick had a similar one, I was pumped. 

Of course, I bought this on sale for only $13! I did decide to belt this because without it, the cardigan gave my body no shape whatsoever. I had this big black belt from a shirt I had bought a few years ago and it complimented it so perfectly. 

I paired the cardigan with a pair of skinny jeans from Burlington Coat Factory and my go-to booties from Shoe Department. I also featured my purse in one of these shots. It is a Coach purse, but it was a gift two years ago from my husband. I don’t advocate buying super expensive purses, but when it is a gift, I’m 100% ok with it! 

This look is so chic and will definitely keep you warm on a cold Winter day. It was my first time ordering from Lovesick and they did have some great deals. Lovesick is like the cheaper version of Torrid, in my opinion. I was pleased with my order from them and would recommend them to anyone who wants Torrid style without the price!

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My Motto for 2017

I’ve seen a lot of opinions on resolutions for the new year. Rather than a resolution, I decided to pick a motto for myself for 2017. It is “Be Bold.” As someone who is generally introverted and shy around new people or in new situations, I’ve decided to step out of my comfort zone! Whether it’s talking to someone new or wearing something I wouldn’t think I would be comfortable in, I’m going to try to incorporate my new motto in day to day life.

In keeping with this theme, I chose this tank top from Old Navy. It says “She Who Dares.” Not only is it an encouraging phrase, it fits so well. I love the shape and feel of it. It was on sale for $12 and is a size XXL. Unfortunately, I don’t see it available of their website even though I just bought it in-store a few days ago.

I paired the tank with this beautiful mauve-purple zip up hoodie. The fabric is so soft and comfy! I fell in love with it right away. It was on sale for $25. I normally wouldn’t spend that much on a hoodie but I just couldn’t say no. It is also a size XXL.

I encourage all of you to be daring in 2017 and not be afraid to take chances!

Get the hoodie in a slightly different color here!
Visit Old Navy here!

Fancy Pants

As soon as I saw these pants on Torrid’s website, I knew I had to have them. On the website, they did look a little more on the bright teal side. In real life, they look like more of a dark real, leaning more towards green. Since they are a ponte pant and are meant to give you a slim silhouette, they were a little difficult to put on. But once they are on, they hold you in at all the right places and give you such a flat tummy! I’m so in love with the fit and how slim they make my legs look. I bought them on sale for $25 in a size 3. 

The black babydoll shirt is a great compliment to these pants. It’s simple with just a tiny bit of rouching in the center. It’s long enough to cover your butt and the A-line flair is so Figure flattering! I also love the sleeve length. It hits just above the elbow, which is perfect for me. This was on sale for about $20 and it’s in a size 2.

For me, this look was out of my comfort zone. I’ve never owned a pair of pants that weren’t black, gray, or jeans. I’m so glad I took a chance on these and I can’t wait to wear them again! This is what the new year is all about: trying new things and being bold! I encourage all of you to do the same!

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All Sparkly for NYE

One thing I have always felt strongly about is wearing something sparkly on New Years Eve. Whether it’s just a detail on the shirt I’m wearing or just a piece of jewelry, I try to incorporate into my look each year. I learned yesterday that my sister-in-law’s family had a tradition on NYE, where all the ladies would sit down and show each other what parts of their outfit were sparkly. I think that’s so adorable! 

As soon as I saw this skirt, I was hooked! It is from Torrid and I’m wearing it in a size 3x. They were having a sale when I bought, so I paid $28 and it was absolutely worth it. The gold/copper color is beautiful. The way it is made really suits my Figure because of the wise waistband and the flair at the bottom. Also, if you’re worried about glitter straying from the skirt, the fallout for me was minimal. It looks like the sparkly material was sort of woven into the fabric, so it won’t shed too much. I did get a little on my hands from putting it on but that didn’t bother me much. Of course, I have to mention it has pockets! We all know how much I love pockets of a dress or skirt!

I paired it with a black off the shoulder shirt with lace detail. I got the shirt from G Stage Love for $12 I believe. This is also in a 3x because their clothes run a little on the smaller side. The lace of the shirt is just gorgeous. You can dress it up or down depending on the occasion.

I also wore a new pair of black leggings from Torrid. These were also on sale for $15. They have a thick waistband and really hold you in. These are their premium leggings, which are the first pair I’ve owned from Torrid and I’d highly recommend them!

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