Fluffy Vests are Where It’s At!!

My latest obsession for the Winter weather is fluffy vests! 

This vest in particular is from Target. I believe it was an original $30-35, but it was on sale for $18. My cousin and friend, Kristin, was at Target and asked if I would want one of these vests that were on sale. She had seen the one I bought from G Stage Love, and since this one was similar, it reminded her of me. 

I wore it for the first time yesterday and was pleasantly surprised. It kept me extremely warm throughout the day and was super comfortable. The inside lining is very fluffy and soft. 

The only thing I did have a slight issue with was that the inside did shed, so even though it looks good, I probably wouldn’t wear it with a black shirt underneath because of that. I’d probably wear it with a white shirt instead. It was easy to lint roll the shredded parts off so it wasn’t a big deal but if you want a no fuss look, I’d opt for a lighter colored shirt. I paired this with YMI skinny jeans and gray boots also from Target. This look is comfy chic and very appropriate for a casual holiday style or an everyday outfit!

See the vest here!
Visit the jean manufacturer here!


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