Military Inspired Jackets are Perfection

I’ve always had a weird relationship with winter jackets. Usually in order for them to fit me correctly in the arms/chest/shoulder region, the last button around my hip area is snug. The perks of being a pear shaped woman! Also, because of my size, I usually have to settle for a boring jacket just because I want to be kept warm. Well not this year!

On Black Friday, I looked around for the best deals I could find. I had a great Haul from Fashion to Figure in the Fall and saw they were having a really good sale. As soon as I saw this jacket, I fell in love with it! Plus it was on sale for only $35! It was an original $70! I knew I had to have it. The jacket comes in gray, black, and red. Personally, black jackets as a dog owner is just not an option unless you want to be cleaning it constantly. I did go through a red jacket phase a couple years ago so I didn’t feel I needed another one. The gray color was so classy looking and the buttons really give it some style.

Military inspired jackets are a hot trend right now and I feel like it’s easy to see why. I love the way the silver buttons pop and give a nod to an old military uniform. The flair at the hip is perfect for my pear shape. I ordered this in a 3x. It is a tiny bit big in the arms, but the fact that it fits my hips and isn’t snug makes me so happy! Unfortunately, this jacket is currently sold out on their website but you should visit their site and see the other things they have!

Fashion to Figure


I Wore A Tutu For Christmas

That’s right! Of all the wardrobe options I had, I chose to wear a tutu for Christday Day! Why is a 30 year old wearing a tutu, you may ask? Well, if you have to ask that question, you haven’t tried one on! There’s something so delicate but fun about wearing an all tulle skirt. If you haven’t put one on in your adult life, please do yourself a favor and try it. It’s an indescribable feeling of youth, fun, flirtiness, and chic-ness!

The tulle black skirt is from Society+, one of my new favorite companies. If you haven’t heard of them, I can’t say enough good things about them! They are a great company that promotes body positivity by using real diverse women as models, they have an honest size guarantee, and they love giving back to their customers with lots of giveaways and some good sales. The tulle skirt retails for $80, but I got it on sale during their Black Friday event. It was 40% off and I had a gift card on top of it! It’s well made with a very stretchy waist band. I ordered it in a size 22/24 and it fits me so well!

I paired the skirt with a gray cropped sweater by Ashley Nell Tipton from the Boutique+ line at JCPenney. It is so comfortable and I got so many compliments on the shoulder detail. The pearls and rhinestone shoulder is a show stopper! It really added a little glitz to my holiday look. This is a 2x and I believe the original price was $39. I got it on sale for about $27.

Just to finish off the look, I wore some black opaque tights from WalMart and my black booties from Shoe Department. Overall, I felt so good in this look and could not wait to share it with all of you! The most important part of fashion is to feel good in your clothes and remember to have fun!

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Fluffy Vests are Where It’s At!!

My latest obsession for the Winter weather is fluffy vests! 

This vest in particular is from Target. I believe it was an original $30-35, but it was on sale for $18. My cousin and friend, Kristin, was at Target and asked if I would want one of these vests that were on sale. She had seen the one I bought from G Stage Love, and since this one was similar, it reminded her of me. 

I wore it for the first time yesterday and was pleasantly surprised. It kept me extremely warm throughout the day and was super comfortable. The inside lining is very fluffy and soft. 

The only thing I did have a slight issue with was that the inside did shed, so even though it looks good, I probably wouldn’t wear it with a black shirt underneath because of that. I’d probably wear it with a white shirt instead. It was easy to lint roll the shredded parts off so it wasn’t a big deal but if you want a no fuss look, I’d opt for a lighter colored shirt. I paired this with YMI skinny jeans and gray boots also from Target. This look is comfy chic and very appropriate for a casual holiday style or an everyday outfit!

See the vest here!
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Simple and Classic

Every once in a while, I will come across an outfit that is simple and just needs a few accessories to dress it up. This is definitely one of those looks for me.

The black dress is from Ashley Nell Tipton’s Boutique+ line at JCPenney. The fabric is so incredibly soft and gorgeous. It almost feels like a really light neoprene or a light scuba fabric. It also has a gorgeous rose gold zipper at the back. It also has pockets and we know I’m a sucker for a dress with pockets! I bought it on sale for about $30. I did get it in a 2x because this collection tends to run on the larger side. 

I paired the dress with simple black leggings and black booties. I also wore a scalloped gold necklace and an embellished gold headband. When a dress is simple and beautiful, you only need a couple of accessories to tie the look together.

If you don’t know much about Ashley Nell Tipton, she was the Season 14 winner of Project Runway. I love this show and have watched it religiously almost every season. She was the only person on the show to ever do an all plus-size model collection for the finale. I think she’s an amazing designer and love that she wanted to design for larger women. 

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