Thanksgiving Chic and a Subscription Box!

Hey everyone! I heard a lot of buzz online and on TV that women were having a hard time deciding what to wear for Thanksgiving. Personally, I did not have this issue at all! I was actually deliberately saving this outfit for a special occasion!

This has to be one of my top 5 favorite looks I’ve had since I started my blog. I’m just so in love with it! The deep red dress is a perfect shade for the late Fall/early Winter. It’s gorgeous and would go well with many different skin tones. I bought it from Curvy Sense for $18. It is simple, but allows a perfect backdrop for some accessories! 

I paired the dress with this beautiful black and faux leather jacket from G Stage Love. This jacket was $32, but absolutely worth every penny! The material is a light ponte feeling fabric, so it is a little stretchy and not too heavy for the cool weather. The faux leather details are quilted, which adds some texture to the ensemble. I wore some black leggings and black booties to complete the look.

Just as a side note, today is Black Friday and there are some amazing sales out there! So get out there and have some fun! I’m very excited because today is also the official launch of the Curvy Gurl Box, which I’ve been waiting for! It’s a subscription box with plus size women in mind! If you pre-order the first box today, you get half off with the code BLACKFRIDAY! I’m so excited for this to come out, I ordered mine today and you should too!

Get the jacket here!
Click here for the dress!
See Everything I got from G Stage Love!
See everything I got from Curvy Sense!
Visit Curvy Gurl Box!


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