Huge Black Friday Sale!

Hey everyone!  That infamous shopping day is almost upon us and I wanted to tell you about this great sale I came across.

Society+ is a unique retailer that prides itself in dressing plus size women as well as having a great relationship with plus size bloggers.  Usually their pieces are more on the expensive side, which is why I have not been able to purchase any items from them before now.  Some of the great things about them are they produce high quality products, they have a commitment to honest sizing, and they are dedicated to showing their clothes on real women.  Personally, I would much prefer to give my money to a company who promotes loving your body at any size and shows their clothes on a diverse group of models.

The great news is that they are having a HUGE Black Friday sale until November 28!  I was able to purchase some items from them today that I will feature in a future haul video and here on my blog.  But I wanted to let you guys know about it too!  Everything is 40% off!!!  Yes, 40% off EVERYTHING!!!  That makes these pieces so much more affordable!  There’s such a wide variety and they have a great Clearance section too!

I wanted to feature some looks I think would be great for the Holidays below, so take a look.  Also, if you do purchase something from them, please use my personal link below because that way they know I directed you there!

Click Here to use my link to their site!


I love this dress!  The plaid pattern is subtle enough to be an all over print but it’s still festive!  The silhouette would be perfect for someone with a pear shape or someone who wants to accentuate their waist.  It would be really flattering for a plus size girl!


This plaid cardigan is so beautiful, I love the patches on the elbow!  The burgundy color is perfect for Fall/Winter weather.  This would look great as a more casual Holiday look with a nice pair of jeans and a plain tank underneath.


These pants are to die for!  The Damask pattern in a dark green is just gorgeous!  I did actually order this crop top for myself because it’s suede, which brings it into the cooler months.  The criss-cross pattern is very trendy right now!


This outfit is just oh-so-adorable!  It has that slight nod to 90s schoolgirl fashion but is chic enough for you to wear anywhere!  I love the dark plaid with this clean white crop.


This red suede dress is a perfect Holiday addition, paired with this beautiful taupe jacket, you would definitely stand out in a crowded party!  This look is so effortless but trendy at the same time!


I can’t not talk about sparkles when I talk about Holiday fashion!  This rose gold sequin skirt is just breathtaking!  Rose Gold it a huge trend right now and making that into a sparkly skirt is just genius!


Be sure to stop by my blog and YouTube channel when I receive my shipment (hopefully next week!) to see what I got and hear my thoughts!  Thanks for reading!


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