Thanksgiving Chic and a Subscription Box!

Hey everyone! I heard a lot of buzz online and on TV that women were having a hard time deciding what to wear for Thanksgiving. Personally, I did not have this issue at all! I was actually deliberately saving this outfit for a special occasion!

This has to be one of my top 5 favorite looks I’ve had since I started my blog. I’m just so in love with it! The deep red dress is a perfect shade for the late Fall/early Winter. It’s gorgeous and would go well with many different skin tones. I bought it from Curvy Sense for $18. It is simple, but allows a perfect backdrop for some accessories! 

I paired the dress with this beautiful black and faux leather jacket from G Stage Love. This jacket was $32, but absolutely worth every penny! The material is a light ponte feeling fabric, so it is a little stretchy and not too heavy for the cool weather. The faux leather details are quilted, which adds some texture to the ensemble. I wore some black leggings and black booties to complete the look.

Just as a side note, today is Black Friday and there are some amazing sales out there! So get out there and have some fun! I’m very excited because today is also the official launch of the Curvy Gurl Box, which I’ve been waiting for! It’s a subscription box with plus size women in mind! If you pre-order the first box today, you get half off with the code BLACKFRIDAY! I’m so excited for this to come out, I ordered mine today and you should too!

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Click here for the dress!
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The Theatre and Fashion

Hey everyone! I know I’m posting this on Thanksgiving, but I actually wore this outfit two days ago. My husband’s Birthday is December 13 and I surprised him by taking him to see the National Tour of The Book of Mormon as an early present! We loved the show! I’ve seen some tours that haven’t been very good, but this was definitely one of the best tour casts I’ve seen! I’d highly recommend seeing it if you get a chance!

I love the theatre, I actually was a theatre major in college. I’ve had experiences as an actor, a costumer, set designer, director, you name it. So going to see a show for me is pretty all-encompassing. And I love seeing people getting dressed up to go to a show! 

My outfit of choice consisted of these black ponte pants from Fashion to Figure (these have been in my blog a few times now), black lace detail shirt and green bolero jacket from G Stage Love, and black booties from Shoe Department. The green jacket really adds to an outfit and makes you look dressy and chic. The black shirt compliments your neckline with the lace detail. Be sure to check out the links below if you love this outfit! 

And Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!!ūüćĹūüćĀūü¶É 

See everything I got from G Stage Love!
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OOTD 11/18/16

This was the outfit I wore yesterday and I got a lot of compliments on it! This lovely floral chiffon duster is what I wanted to feature in my look. It’s from Fashion to Figure. The darker floral is great for the cooler weather and the length really adds a new dimension to my wardrobe. The duster is in a size 3 and I believe I paid about $20 for it. I apologize that I don’t remember exactly but I purchased this about a month and a half ago and it was on sale. I would highly recommend dusters for the cooler months because they will keep you looking chic and trendy.  I wanted to keep the rest of my outfit simple with these black pints pants also from Fashion to Figure and a gray long sleeve shirt from Old Navy. 

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Huge Black Friday Sale!

Hey everyone!  That infamous shopping day is almost upon us and I wanted to tell you about this great sale I came across.

Society+ is a unique retailer that prides itself in dressing plus size women as well as having a great relationship with plus size bloggers.  Usually their pieces are more on the expensive side, which is why I have not been able to purchase any items from them before now.  Some of the great things about them are they produce high quality products, they have a commitment to honest sizing, and they are dedicated to showing their clothes on real women.  Personally, I would much prefer to give my money to a company who promotes loving your body at any size and shows their clothes on a diverse group of models.

The great news is that they are having a HUGE Black Friday sale until November 28! ¬†I was able to purchase some items from them today that I will feature in a future haul video and here on my blog. ¬†But I wanted to let you guys know about it too! ¬†Everything is 40% off!!! ¬†Yes, 40% off EVERYTHING!!! ¬†That makes these pieces so much more affordable! ¬†There’s such a wide variety and they have a great Clearance section too!

I wanted to feature some looks I think would be great for the Holidays below, so take a look.  Also, if you do purchase something from them, please use my personal link below because that way they know I directed you there!

Click Here to use my link to their site!


I love this dress! ¬†The plaid pattern is subtle enough to be an all over print but it’s still festive! ¬†The silhouette would be perfect for someone with a pear shape or someone who wants to accentuate their waist. ¬†It would be really flattering for a plus size girl!


This plaid cardigan is so beautiful, I love the patches on the elbow!  The burgundy color is perfect for Fall/Winter weather.  This would look great as a more casual Holiday look with a nice pair of jeans and a plain tank underneath.


These pants are to die for! ¬†The Damask pattern in a dark green is just gorgeous! ¬†I did actually order this crop top for myself because it’s suede, which brings it into the cooler months. ¬†The criss-cross pattern is very trendy right now!


This outfit is just oh-so-adorable!  It has that slight nod to 90s schoolgirl fashion but is chic enough for you to wear anywhere!  I love the dark plaid with this clean white crop.


This red suede dress is a perfect Holiday addition, paired with this beautiful taupe jacket, you would definitely stand out in a crowded party!  This look is so effortless but trendy at the same time!


I can’t not talk about sparkles when I talk about Holiday fashion! ¬†This rose gold sequin skirt is just breathtaking! ¬†Rose Gold it a huge trend right now and making that into a sparkly skirt is just genius!


Be sure to stop by my blog and YouTube channel when I receive my shipment (hopefully next week!) to see what I got and hear my thoughts!  Thanks for reading!


Hello everyone! Today Kelsey, the Bakersfield Beauty Blogger, and I are hosting a giveaway together! This will be our very first one, so feel special! There will be two different giveaways; one will be on my Twitter and the other will be on her Instagram. To enter my giveaway, there are a couple of rules:

1. You must be following BOTH Kelsey and I on Twitter (Me: @oobersexy45, Kelsey: @Kelseydawnprov1)

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This is US only. No international entries please. This will be open until Friday November 18. You have one week to enter!

To enter Kelsey’s giveaway, there are a couple of rules:

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A Little Bit Edgy and A Little Bit Feminine

I’ve always liked the idea of mixing fabrics with the sense of “hard and soft,” but I’ve never really owned the proper pieces to pull that look off. Now I do! I paired these black ponte pants with leather inset from Fashion to Figure with this adorable babydoll shirt from Curvy Sense. This outfit just rocks. You have the edgy feel from the leather in the pants and the wedge booties from Shoe Department. At the same time, you have the ease and flounce of the shirt and black shrug. This look made we feel stylish and really put together. Overall this may be my favorite outfit on my blog! The shirt is super comfortable and was on sale for $13! I’m in love!

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Click here for the pants!

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