Happy Halloween!

Hey everyone! This post isn’t really fashion related. I just wanted to say how much fun it is to make your own costumes. My husband and I have been making our own costumes for the last six years. Even if we have to buy a mask or wig, we try to make the rest of the costume. You can easily make costumes on the cheap and really get creative with it! I just feel like it is so much more personal when you make it yourself. Granted, last year we did buy our costumes because we threw a Halloween party and spent more time on the party planning. So I wanted to share the couples costumes we have done over the years! I hope you enjoy them!

2011- Catwoman and Batman

2012- Doug Funny and Patti Mayonaise

2013- Charlie Brown and Lucy

2014- The Incredibles

2015- a box of crayons, a purple crayon, and Odie was a green crayon (shout out to Amanda the Ninja Turtle in the middle!)

2016- Bugs and Lola Bunny from Space Jam


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