Happy Halloween!

Hey everyone! This post isn’t really fashion related. I just wanted to say how much fun it is to make your own costumes. My husband and I have been making our own costumes for the last six years. Even if we have to buy a mask or wig, we try to make the rest of the costume. You can easily make costumes on the cheap and really get creative with it! I just feel like it is so much more personal when you make it yourself. Granted, last year we did buy our costumes because we threw a Halloween party and spent more time on the party planning. So I wanted to share the couples costumes we have done over the years! I hope you enjoy them!

2011- Catwoman and Batman

2012- Doug Funny and Patti Mayonaise

2013- Charlie Brown and Lucy

2014- The Incredibles

2015- a box of crayons, a purple crayon, and Odie was a green crayon (shout out to Amanda the Ninja Turtle in the middle!)

2016- Bugs and Lola Bunny from Space Jam


A Hint of Leather

I don’t know about anyone else, but wearing leather instantly makes me feel like a badass. These pants are the perfect way to incorporate leather into your wardrobe without being too overdone. They are a black slim ponte pant from Fashion to Figure with a leather inset down the leg. They’re super comfortable, they have a zipper pocket detail, and will add some flair to any Fall outfit. I bought them on sale for $23 and I’m so happy with them. I was worried about the fit size I have large thighs and hips but they are perfect!

The shirt is from Old Navy. It is a long sleeve, slate gray, split side shirt with a black lace shoulder detail. It was on sale for $12! The material is so soft and flowy. If you’re a pear shape like me, this shirt is so Figure flattering because of the split sides and the flowy bottom. It hugs curves in the right places. I paired this look with wedge black booties from the Shoe Department.

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OOTD 10/26/16

If you’ve read some of my previous blogs, you know I love a good sweater dress. This sweater dress is on a whole new level with its lovely intricate pattern. I bought it from Fashion to Figure on sale for $26. I love the sleeve length and it’s very comfy. I paired it with black leggings from Burlington Coat Factory.

Now let’s talk about the shoes! I’m in love with these black slip on booties from Shoe Department. They have about an inch and a half wedge and have a narrow rounded toe. They are a faux suede material and are surprisingly comfortable. And they were only $25! I’m obsessed with them and may get another pair in taupe in a few weeks!

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OOTD 10/24/16

I think it’s important to dress for comfort. I would say 80% of what I look for in clothes is the comfy factor. This dress from Old Navy was a perfect addition to my Fall wardrobe. The pattern holds interest, the long sleeves keep me warm, and it feels so soft! To top it off, it was on sale for only $15! I got so many compliments on it at work today. I just paired it with black leggings from WalMart and flats from Payless. 

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Bomber Jackets, Camo, and Skinny Jeans…oh my!

Two fall trends I’m in love with are bomber jackets and camo print. Bomber jackets are perfect for the cooler weather since they’re not too heavy but will still keep you cozy while looking fierce! I’ve been seeing camo print shirts, pants, and utility jackets everywhere! It’s really cute to style these pieces with some other basics so that they can really stand out.

The bomber jacket and camo shirt are from Boohoo, which is a U.K. Company. They usually have 40-50% off deals, so you can get some great deals. I paid $15 for the jacket and $10 for the shirt. They’re both super comfortable and perfect for my autumn wardrobe! I paired them with skinny jeans from Burlington Coat Factory and black flats from WalMart.

Since they are an overseas company, be sure to check your measurements on their size chart. I compared what size I am in Torrid clothing to their size chart and got my perfect size in everything I ordered.

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OOTD 10/19/16

This is another dress I bought from CowCow and I really love the print. It’s abstract and I love the colors. I believe I paid $20 on Amazon for this dress. You can also customize your own clothes on CowCows website. Since it is Fall, I paired it with a simple black cardigan from Ols Navy, black leggings from WalMart, black flats from Payless, and a necklace from Charming Charlie.

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Dusters are In!

If you’ve even glanced around the internet recently, you may have noticed dusters are back in and I’m loving this trend! I don’t believe I’ve owned one since I was 12 or 13 years old. You may think that for Fall, your options are limited to heavy sweater dusters. On the contrary, there are plenty of other options! 

The duster below is a beautiful collared plaid duster from Fashion to Figure. Plaid is also on trend. Even though it’s not in typical fall colors, this duster is sure to catch your eye with its bright teal color. This duster really completes an Autumn look and will certainly turn heads. I purchased this on sale for $15. A great price for a really special piece. The black t-shirt is from Old Navy, the jeans are from Burlington Coat Factory, and the black flats are from Payless.

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In Love with Prints

I love finding new and unique prints. One company paving the way for personalized fashion is CowCow. Their website allows you to pick one of their fabric designs created by artists or you can design something completely on your own. If you’ve watched Project Runway, it’s similar to the challenges where the designers can create their own fabrics. The dress below is from CowCow, but I purchased from Amazon. Amazon had pre-made creations from CowCow for a little less money. The only difference is that if you purchase it from Amazon, it cannot be customized. If you’re interested in making your own prints, definitely visit the CowCow website. 

This dress is AMAZING. The fabric is a soft, sleek, comfortable material.  On Amazon, I paid $20. The design compliments my pear shape by balancing out my smaller top and larger bottom with the opposite pattern effect. I also love it because it’s unique. I’ve never seen a plus size dress like this and I’m obsessed with it. Since the weather is getting cool, I paired it with black leggings from Rue 21, black flats from Payless, and a black 3/4 sleeve cardigan from Burlington Coat Factory. The necklace is from Charming Charlie and the sunglasses are from WalMart.

Get the dress from Amazon here
Visit CowCow’s Website and create your own fashion!

Sweater Dresses!

One thing that is a great addition to your closet for Fall- the sweater dress! Dress it up with tights and booties or dress it down with leggings and flats! This sweater dress is from Boohoo, which is a UK clothing company. The dress was an original $20, but I got it for $12! It’s very comfortable and breatheable, yet the long sleeves will keep you warm enough in the cool fall weather. It’s just…perfect. Boohoo has great sales that alternate between 40% and 50% off, making them a great place for plus size women to shop! I paired the dress with simple black leggings from WalMart, black flats from Payless, and a silver pendant necklace from Primark.

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