I love Rue 21

As you can tell from some my previous posts, I get probably half of my newer clothes from Rue 21. They have a good selection of plus size clothes for a good price. We have a store that carries the plus sizes about 40 min from our house. So I try to mix up driving there to try things on and ordering things online. So far ordering online, everything has fit me. There was only one thing I ordered that I did not keep and that’s because of the fabric, I just didn’t like how the fabric looked or how it looked on my shape. It’s always good if you can find the fabrics you like in store so you know what size to order online. For example, I know in their brushed tanks, I can order a size lower than their regular tops because of how they’re made.

The outfit below was ordered from their website. I did buy the top in a different color previously so I already knew it would fit. I did take a gamble on the leggings because previously I’ve ordered their plain leggings and even though I ordered the same size in black and gray, the black ones fit better than the gray. Thankfully these fit me well and I ordered them because they’re made of the same brushed fabric that they use for their super soft tanks. I love the pattern, Aztec prints are very in right now. The asymmetrical top was $16, but if you bought two you could get the 2nd one for $5! Of course I got two! I really love the length of the sleeves. They’re not too short for my comfort but also not 3/4 length, so they’re perfect for me! The leggings were $15. I’ll provide the links below. But seriously, check out their site because they always have great deals. If you sign up for their emails, you’ll get notified when they have a sale which is usually once every couple of weeks.

Get the leggings here
Get the top in gray here


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