Maxi Skirts

I don’t normally wear maxi skirts, but when I do, I like to wear ones with interesting patterns. This one really hit the mark for me because of the pattern and colors. Chevron is modern and on trend right now. I paid $15 for the skirt from Burlington Coat Factory. The manufacturer is “Chances R.” The shirts are from Old Navy. I layered a navy blue tank with a white 3/4 tee, although you can’t see much of the navy tank in the pictures. The tank was on sale for $3 and I believe the tee was $8. The tank and tee are super soft and comfortable and are perfect when layered for the start of Fall.

Unfortunately Chances R does not have a website, they do have a Facebook here.

I did find the skirt and it’s available on eBay.

Visit Old Navy tees and tanks here.


Autumn = Cute Jackets

Jackets can really give an outfit that “fall time” feel. I got this beige leather jacket at Burlington Coat Factory this weekend for only $25! It was a great price, it fits me well, and I love the way it looks with just a simple tank top and skinny jeans. It has some buckle details on the sides as well as zippers near the wrists and on the pockets. It was definitely not what I originally was looking for, but I fell in love with it! 

As I’ve said previously, Burlington doesn’t have their whole selection on their website. The manufacturer is Royalty for Me. I will give you their site below if you’re interested in looking at their site. 

Royalty for Me

I love Rue 21

As you can tell from some my previous posts, I get probably half of my newer clothes from Rue 21. They have a good selection of plus size clothes for a good price. We have a store that carries the plus sizes about 40 min from our house. So I try to mix up driving there to try things on and ordering things online. So far ordering online, everything has fit me. There was only one thing I ordered that I did not keep and that’s because of the fabric, I just didn’t like how the fabric looked or how it looked on my shape. It’s always good if you can find the fabrics you like in store so you know what size to order online. For example, I know in their brushed tanks, I can order a size lower than their regular tops because of how they’re made.

The outfit below was ordered from their website. I did buy the top in a different color previously so I already knew it would fit. I did take a gamble on the leggings because previously I’ve ordered their plain leggings and even though I ordered the same size in black and gray, the black ones fit better than the gray. Thankfully these fit me well and I ordered them because they’re made of the same brushed fabric that they use for their super soft tanks. I love the pattern, Aztec prints are very in right now. The asymmetrical top was $16, but if you bought two you could get the 2nd one for $5! Of course I got two! I really love the length of the sleeves. They’re not too short for my comfort but also not 3/4 length, so they’re perfect for me! The leggings were $15. I’ll provide the links below. But seriously, check out their site because they always have great deals. If you sign up for their emails, you’ll get notified when they have a sale which is usually once every couple of weeks.

Get the leggings here
Get the top in gray here

Trying Something New

Hey everyone! I decided over the past couple days that I really want to push myself out of my comfort zone. I have a few things in mind and I’ll go into some more detail below. I feel like sometimes the best things come out of times where we feel uncomfortable or unsure. It’s also a chance to grow and potentially make some changes. 

This leads me to:

Goal #1. Try some new plus size retailers! 

I’ve already started on this one. Today I ordered some clothes from CowCow via Amazon. I heard about this company a few weeks ago and watching a fellow blogger’s review of some of their pieces really clinched it for me. CowCow has people submit art designs and turns them into fabric/clothing. It’s a really cool idea and some of their patterns are amazing. I ordered two dresses and a pair of leggings for now just to see how they will fit. I ordered them on Amazon because they are cheaper. The main difference between ordering through their website and Amazon is the customization option. You have an opportunity to customize your selection through CowCow’s website but with Amazon you do not. If you want to check out their site click Here. Also if you have suggestions of other retailers I should try, I’m super open to them!
Goal #2. Start some sort of vlog!

Like most people, the thought of watching and editing videos of myself speaking is nerve wracking. I haven’t yet decided if I want to just do some short Periscope sessions or go for it on YouTube and see what happens. But whatever way I decide to further my blog, I will let you know!
Goal #3. Expand my brand!

Obviously when I started my blog a couple of months ago, I didn’t know if it would go anywhere or if I would even commit myself to it. Now I know that I want to build this into something big. I’ve been reading a lot of tips from bloggers who went viral and their stories are so inspiring and they are really making a difference in the fashion community. I want to do the same. So some changes should be coming soon! Stay tuned!

Having Good Basics

It’s important in any girls closet, to have a set of reliable basics you can throw on at any time or pair with more trendy pieces. The grey 3/4 length sleeve shirt is from Old Navy. I believe it was $8-$10. The bright yellow tank underneath is from Target. It was $7. The jeggings are from Burlington Coat Factory. They were $25. The sandals are from Torrid, the same ones I frequently wear but in tan. 

The Jean manufacturer is here

Old Navy on sale basics
Target basic tanks

Cardigan Weather is Coming!

I’m so glad the weather is starting to cool off because that means layering season is here! About 2-3 years ago, I realized that I was layering my clothes and that wasn’t even intentional. But I’ve accepted that layering was just coming natural to me and it’s a very popular trend. The shirt below is from Rue 21. It’s one of their super soft brushed tanks. They’re a regular $12 but they often have deals where if you buy one, you can get a 2nd one for $1! This one is currently on sale for $6 so order it before they run out! They’re very comfortable and come in a variety of patterns. This one happens to be an elephant pattern, which I am totally into. The cardigan is 3/4 length sleeves, which is perfect for the early fall weather. I got it from Burlington Coat Factory for $13. The jeggings are also from Burlington. They were on sale for $15. The sandals are from Torrid, I wear these all the time and have talked about them in previous posts.

Find the tank top here

The Jean manufacturer can be found here

Outfit of the Day 9/14/16

I just bought this dress this past weekend from Forever 21. It was $18. I tend to gravitate towards more A-line dresses or dresses that flair at the bottom because of my pear shape. Since I wore this to work and didn’t want it to be too short, I paired it with leggings. I also wore my reliable black shrug and my black sandals from Forever 21. I’ve discussed these items in previous blog posts. What I really want to talk about is the fabulous necklace I’m wearing. It’s from Charming Charlie and if you have never been to one of their stores, you are missing out! They are budget friendly and have some amazing accessories. Their stores are even divided by color! That makes it super helpful if you have a certain outfit accessory in mind or if you prefer a certain metal. The necklace was a regular $15, but I had a coupon that brought it down to $9! It’s basically a large crystal in like a metal cage. It really catches the light and gives my look some sparkle.

The dress is available here in pink and black
Get the necklace here


One of my favorite trends right now is neon. Maybe it’s the 80s kid in me but I can’t get enough of it! I think it looks great on most skin tones but it’s especially great if you have a tan. The dress below is from Rue 21. I paid $16. I paired it with a pair of black cropped leggings and my usual black shrug. The earrings are gold teardrops from WalMart. I believe they were $4. The sandals are also from WalMart. I paid $13. I wore this when we went to a nice dinner on vacation and got some compliments on the color while we walked on the boardwalk. Overall this is one of my favorite looks!

Trendy Leggings

One trend I finally got around to trying was a patterned leggings with a plain long shirt. I had tried on different patterned leggings before and none of them seems to look right on me. Obviously this is partly due to the fact that usually I’m trying to minimize the lower half of my body since its larger than the top half. The leggings I’m writing about in this post were picked out by my husband. He took them off the rack and said “what about these?” And of course I loved them! They were super soft and only $6! Nothing else needed to be considered. I was buying these leggings from Burlington Coat Factory! Like I’ve mentioned before, Burlington is a place you have to go to in order to find good deals. They have some leggings on their website but not these exact ones. The shirt is from Rue 21. I ordered it online. It is an original $17, but when I ordered it they were having a sale so I got it for less. I paired the outfit with my comfy Torrid sandals I’ve talked about before and a long silver necklace to add some sparkle.

Get the shirt here

Colorful Suits

If there’s one thing I hate, it’s plain boring swimsuits. Think about it. When you wear a swimsuit, you’re on vacation or at a pool having fun. You shouldn’t take it too seriously. I know there are a lot of people who have anxiety about shopping for swimsuits because they’re unhappy with their body. But sometimes you have to look at yourself in the mirror and say “hey, I’m rocking this swimsuit.” This particular one is from JCPenney. I bought it just a few weeks ago and it was very discounted because it is the end of summer. I paid $22 for the top and bottom together. Regular price I believe the top was $52 and the bottoms were $40. That’s a huge discount! Unfortunately the top isn’t available on their site anymore. The bottoms are still on sale and available so I’ll put the link for those below. I really like the bottoms because since they’re high waisted, they actually provide a lot more coverage than the average swim bottoms. Also feel free to browse their site for other swim suit deals!

Find the bottoms here