Don’t Be Afraid of Prints

Prints are a big trend right now. What I have found is that plus size women fear prints may make them look larger.  I have not found this to be the case.  I like prints that are unique. I’ve seen a lot of elephant prints lately and I love that. The shirt is from Rue 21. At the time I think I paid $7 for it.  This is one of their brushed tanks, which are extremely soft and make you feel like you’re not even wearing a shirt…seriously. The cardigan is from Burlington Coat Factory.  I got it for $12.  The jeans are also from Burlington.  I paid $25.  They’re stretchy and comfortable.  I’ve talked about the sandals before, they’re from Torrid and I got them on sale but regular price is $32.  But they’re absolutely worth it!  They fit so well and add some sparkle.

Get the tank here
The site for the Jean manufacturer
Get the sandals here


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