Lookin Chic

I think this is one of the most professional looking chic outfits I own. I wore it all day at work and I was still comfortable even though I was more dressed up. The light blue peplum top is from Forever 21, I just got it this weekend for $15. I liked the zipper detail in the back and it’s a very soft material.i have had the black skirt for a long time so I don’t quite recall where I got it from or how much I paid. The white suit jacket is from Murices and I got it on sale for $40. Obviously that’s more than I would normally pay for clothes. But it’s hard for me to find jackets because I’m a different size on top than the bottom. So I jumped on it even though it was more expensive than I would have liked. Sometimes basic professional looking items are worth the money. The shoes are from Payless. They’re super comfortable flats and I believe I paid $20. 

Find the shirt here


One thought on “Lookin Chic”

  1. This is a great look. A little more dressy. Love the color if the top and the style. The white jacket is a great investment because it’s white it will go with everything


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