Catholic Couture

Obviously a joking title for this one but I couldn’t resist. Today I was made my niece’s godmother and I had to have the perfect outfit! The dress is from Torrid. I got it during their semi-annual sale for $23. The shrug I’ve talked about in other posts, from Deb. I always love to have some sparkle and sometimes That means in my hair. I got the black and clear rhinestone headband from Charming Charlie for $10. If you haven’t heard of Charming Charlie, immediately Google it and either go to the store nearest you or look around at their site. Really fashionable accessories for a decent price. Their stores are color coded! The shoes are also from Torrid. Same semi-annual sale for $6! They still have them available on their website for regular price but they’re absolutely worth it. They’re extremely comfortable and sandals for a wide foot are hard to come by! You can find the sandals here:


2 thoughts on “Catholic Couture”

  1. I love your looks! If you’re ever interested, I work as a plus size personal stylist for Dia & Co! If you check out the link in one of my recent posts, then there is a promo code for your first box.


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