Dress It Up!

I got a lot of compliments on this look via Facebook and Instagram prior to posting it here. I hope you enjoy it just as much! In the summer I’m definitely more comfortable in a dress than pants. This dress is from Rue21. I believe the regular price was $18 but I bought it on sale for $11. Unfortunately I don’t have the link for the dress because they were sold out a few weeks ago. But I will post the link to their website. They have some great deals going on right now so I’m sure you could find something you like.

Visit their site here!
Also on a side note, I have reached 1,000 hits on my blog! Thank you guys for supporting me on my new journey as a fashion blogger! 


Don’t Be Afraid of Prints

Prints are a big trend right now. What I have found is that plus size women fear prints may make them look larger.  I have not found this to be the case.  I like prints that are unique. I’ve seen a lot of elephant prints lately and I love that. The shirt is from Rue 21. At the time I think I paid $7 for it.  This is one of their brushed tanks, which are extremely soft and make you feel like you’re not even wearing a shirt…seriously. The cardigan is from Burlington Coat Factory.  I got it for $12.  The jeans are also from Burlington.  I paid $25.  They’re stretchy and comfortable.  I’ve talked about the sandals before, they’re from Torrid and I got them on sale but regular price is $32.  But they’re absolutely worth it!  They fit so well and add some sparkle.

Get the tank here
The site for the Jean manufacturer
Get the sandals here

Classic Black

This is probably one of my favorite outfits to date! I bought the skirt on sale from Ashley Stewart for $25. It’s a neoprene luxe fabric that holds its shape really well. Unfortunately they do not have this item available in black on their website anymore because they sold out. It’s easy to see why. I love this skirt. It’s comfortable and classy. The top is from Forever 21. I believe I paid $15. Since it is partly sheer, I paired it with a black tank underneath. Now let’s talk about the shoes! Even though these shoes are hard to walk in because I don’t wear heels often, I love them! I got them on sale at Lane Bryant for $10 at a semi annual sale they were having. I love the bows, they make the shoes dressy but fun at the same time. The necklace is also from Forever 21. I paid $7 for it. It’s simple but gives a little bit of shine. I put my hair in a bun to give the whole look an updated Audrey Hepburn feel. Hope you love it as much as I do!

Get the top here
Get the skirt in a different color here

Swim Style

I know swim season is coming to a close but that is the best time for swim suit deals! I will have a few more of these posts because my husband and I are going on vacation at the beginning of September. This swim suit I bought about a month and a half ago but I checked and both pieces are still on sale. Both are from JCPenney. I have explored their website a few different times and I haven’t found a lot of plus size clothing I liked but their swim suits are great and when on sale they’re for a great price. I picked this swim suit because I loved the bright colors and chevron is a pattern that is totally in right now. The top is on sale for $19.99 and the bottoms are $12.99. Where else can you get a nice durable swim suit for under $35?!

Get the top here
And the bottoms are here

Comfy Style

There’s nothing I look forward to more than putting on comfortable clothes after a long day at work. I paired skinny jeans (Burlington Coat Factory- $25) with a black tribal print shirt (Old Navy- $15) and a white tank underneath. The necklace is actually a locket watch I got from The Knock Knock Boutique in Hershey for $15. It’s antique looking and unique. The sandals are from Torrid and are the most comfortable sandals I own (I got them on sale but regular price is $32).

Lookin Chic

I think this is one of the most professional looking chic outfits I own. I wore it all day at work and I was still comfortable even though I was more dressed up. The light blue peplum top is from Forever 21, I just got it this weekend for $15. I liked the zipper detail in the back and it’s a very soft material.i have had the black skirt for a long time so I don’t quite recall where I got it from or how much I paid. The white suit jacket is from Murices and I got it on sale for $40. Obviously that’s more than I would normally pay for clothes. But it’s hard for me to find jackets because I’m a different size on top than the bottom. So I jumped on it even though it was more expensive than I would have liked. Sometimes basic professional looking items are worth the money. The shoes are from Payless. They’re super comfortable flats and I believe I paid $20. 

Find the shirt here

Wrap It Up

Nothing is more comfortable than an easy wrap dress. Also if you have a pear or hourglass shape, it gives you a nice shape. The dress was $15 at Forever 21. I loved the color and the fabric is light and soft, perfect for a summer day. The bottom of the dress allows for movement in the breeze and gives it a flirty feel. The cropped leggings were $20 from Torrid on sale. The sunglasses are from WalMart and I paid $2.50. Yes, $2.50 and I love them. 

Exciting News

I wanted to formally announce I was asked by My Trending Stories to be a writer for them. On their site I can help promote my blog on a larger platform or write about anything that comes to mind. I’m very excited to be working with them and never thought an opportunity like this would come along so quickly.  You can visit my page on their site Here.

I am also collaborating with a retailer of plus size clothes called Society+. They are all about promoting body positivity and using real people on their site to model their clothes. They have a budget friendly section for people like me who love getting trends for a good price. You can check them out Here.

Lastly, I have created a Facebook page for this Blog so you can see updated from My Trending Stories and this blog all in one place. Like my page if you’d like to be updated when I post things! Visit my Facebook Page

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I decided to wear one of my favorite dresses to work today. Not only is it a trendy textured material with a box pleated skirt and cutouts but it also has pockets! I love a skirt or dress with some pockets! There was a meme going around Facebook not long ago that said “hey I like that dress. Me: thanks! It has pockets!” I even did this exact thing in the elevator today to someone who complimented me. Anyway, I got the dress from Maurice’s during a buy one get one half off sale since they tend to be on the pricier side. I paired it with Forever 21 cropped navy leggings and a black shrug.

Top Places to Shop for Plus Sized Ladies

Hey friends! I wanted to compile a list of places I have found trendy plus size clothes on the cheap because I know sometimes it’s a daunting task. In fact you may not realize some of them carry plus sizes. Hopefully this inspires the inner fashionista in you!

1. Rue 21- I have bought a lot of clothes from them in store and online. They have great prices to begin with and if you sign up for their emails you will see they frequently have some great sales. They are great for cute dresses and their brushed tanks. Their brushed tanks are the most comfortable shirts I’ve ever owned. If you don’t have any, order them asap. Their website allows you to search which stores carry their Rue+ line so you can see if one near you does. Check them out here!

2. Forever 21- I’m sure you’ve seen those BuzzFeed posts saying no plus size girl would be able half their clothes. I mean it’s partly true, some of the things on their website wouldn’t flatter my pear shaped body. But the things I have found there, I love. Their leggings are cheap and very soft. I’m waiting for them to restock the cropped black leggings so I can order some! I have the navy version and they’re great. They also have a wide width shoe section which appealed to me. I’ve only ordered one pair of sandals but they fit really well. They have a section of plus size clothes in their stores but more of a variety online.Visit them here!

3. Torrid- if you’re plus sized, you’ve already been to this store or website. Usually the problem is that their clothes are on the pricey side. If you join their rewards program, The Insider, they offer $25 or $50 off your purchase fairly often as well as Haute Cash to use at a later time. Their clothes tend to fit a more curvy figure better than a lot of other stores. Click here to see the selection!

4. Old Navy- they do have a plus size section online. I’ve ordered jeans from them and they were good. Shirts I can buy in store because most of the time their regular sizes include XXL. They also offer discounts fairly often. Check it out!

5. Burlington Coat Factory- although you may have to look through several racks of thing that aren’t your style, you can get some good finds here. They usually have a plus size junior section that tends to be more on trend. They do have a website but it doesn’t really show you the whole selection. I’d recommend taking a trip to your local store for some good prices.

6. Charlotte Russe- I only have a few things from here because they haven’t had a plus size section very long but they were affordable and fit decently. They do have a lot of cute options on their website.Explore your options!

7. Ross- I feel similarly about Ross as I do about Burlington Coat Factory. I usually have to search the racks a little bit but I can get some good buys. They don’t offer much info on their website either so I would recommend going to their store.

8. Ashley Stewart- I ordered a skirt from them for my birthday and I was in love with it. They can also be a little pricey but they have a good sale section. Look at their site here!

I hope this was helpful! Happy shopping!