A Touch of Class

In the warmer months I prefer to wear skirts or dresses because I find them more comfortable in the heat. I purchased the dress below from Rue 21 for $20. I really like the gold zipper detail on the front. I don’t generally wear gold but in this case I made an exception. The shoes are from Foreve 21, I believe they were $20. It’s very hard for me to find shoes since I wear a women’s size 11 wide. Forever 21 and Torrid have great options for ladies with wide or larger feet. The leggings are from Torrid, they were on sale for $18. It was very hard for me to find cropped black leggings this summer. I don’t think you can see it in the picture but they have a small lace detail on the outside calf. You can get them here: http://www.torrid.com/product/lace-inset-cropped-leggings/10490044.html?cgid=bottoms-leggings#start=46


Flattering Stripes

People say that stripes tend to make people look larger. That is not the case if it’s a well fitting garment and if the size of the stripe varies and compliments your curves. The shirt below was purchased from Burlington Coat Factory for $15. The zipper detail gives it a modern feel. The black shrug, I wear this on a regular basis, was purchased from Deb prior to its closing for $10. The black pants are from Lane Bryant but I bought them from Gabriel Brothers for $10. Gabriel Brothers in Harrisburg gets a lot of overstock and out of season Lane Bryant clothes and discounts them. It’s a great way to buy new higher end clothes at a great price! I’m sure places like this exist across the country. Do some research to find one near you!

Pops of Floral

I’ve been seeing a trend lately of floral. All over floral has not been a route I’ve been comfortable exploring yet because I think it tends to look a little dated. I got the shirt below from Torrid, on sale for about $20. It’s very comfortable, made from soft fabric. It gives the appropriate pop of floral without overpowering my look. I’m not usually all in black, so that is why I added the long necklace for some sparkle. Necklace is from Walmart $5, shoes from Payless for $16, and pants from CJ Banks for $10. I purchased the pants on an online yard sale group. If you haven’t heard of this, immediately go to your Facebook and search for plus size yard groups near you. It’s a great way to get things for a great price and so far I haven’t had any bad experiences. I also sell some of my older clothes on those groups to make some extra cash. Win win!

Dressing For Holidays

if you’re a plus sized girl, you know it’s difficult to find cute festive clothes for holidays. I usually browse online first to get some ideas before I go out shopping in real life. Of course if I’m looking with enough time to spare, I usually order something online. For the Fourth of July, I went to Park City Mall in Lancaster, PA. I found a cute red, white, and blue dress at Forever 21 for $20. I had previously ordered navy blue cropped leggings from Forever 21 for $6. This is one of the most comfortable outfits I own now! I highly recommend the leggings which are still available on their website. They’re a bargain!  You can get the leggings here: 

Get the dress here